Program at a Glance

The 7th Annual PTCOG-NA Conference will now be virtual and continues with a highly professional and engaging scientific program as shown below. Please note the following key changes to the program:
  1. To better cater to the entire audience attending virtually, the conference will now be held in the Central US time zone (GMT-5) and will start each day from 9am.
  2. The program will remain over 3 days. However, by shortening the break times and a few small tweaks (not to the level of scientific content) we have managed to reduce the hours per day to allow a better focus and participation online.
  3. Posters will continue to be featured within the online platform
  4. Local social events have of course been discontinued
The 7 th Annual PTCOG-NA Conference will continue to feature the following key highlights within the virtual meeting:
  • 3 Keynote Sessions from leaders in the field
  • 4 Educational Sessions. Get the latest updates and research from the professionals in a range of Particle Therapy disciplines
  • Over 8 hours of scientific paper presentations
  • Interactive Poster archive with optional video presentations
  • Industry symposia featuring the industry’s leading companies
  • An optional on-site destination hub in Seattle at the Edgewater Hotel to join colleagues who still wish to travel and attend the virtual meeting together 

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