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Dear Colleague:

We would like to extend to you an invitation to become a member of Particle Therapy Cooperative Group - North America (PTCOG – NA), which is the North American chapter of the international PTCOG non-profit organization. Established in 2013, this professional membership Society has been created to enhance collaboration between its members, create a platform for scientific exchange, and develop treatment guidelines, education, and training initiatives for particle therapy. The Society supports the establishment of particle therapy clinical trial collaborative groups, as well as instituting representation in industry technological innovations, involvement in health care politics (as it pertains to particle beam therapy), and improving relationships with other professional societies in radiation oncology. The society -- in collaboration with PTCOG -- helped to establish the International Journal of Particle Therapy (IJPT) in 2014.

PTCOG-NA Membership offers annual membership starting on July 15. Please find below a list of each level of PTCOG-NA membership and review the pdf for criteria and benefit inclusions. Complete your membership application via the below ‘Apply for Membership’ button. After completing your account profile, you will be able to purchase your membership using all major card options.

If you have any question regarding your membership application please contact:

Your support is vital to nurture our young society and achieve a better future for particle therapy. As such, please feel free to invite your associates whom may be eligible for membership in the various categories and/or levels.

PTCOG-NA Membership Benefits:
  • Discounted rates for PTCOG-NA events
  • Online members portal, including access to meeting materials from previous meetings and links to additional resources
  • PTCOG-NA Newsletter updates throughout the year
  • Opportunity to get involved with PTCOG-NA activities, leadership, voting rights and meetings
  • Additional services are being developed within the new PTCOG-NA website including members directory and job network announcements. Be part of the PTCOG-NA community

Thank you for your time and interest. We look forward to having you as a member of our society.

Membership Criteria

PDF file 200kB


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